Sunday Update #1 | Revisiting College, Sufjan Stevens, Queer Eye

Happy Sunday!

This is a new thing I’ve been trying to start for a while — an uncurated series of thoughts and happenings from the past week. I wanted a space where I can share bits from my life without the goals of “I need to think this through fully and form it into something” that a regular blog post comes with. So, please enjoy this new installation in the museum that I guess is me.



Last week, I visited my alma mater for its Ad/PR Senior Salute event, where I met up with old friends and professors and silently (and not silently) judged everyone’s outfits. Do people not know what “cocktail” means? I don’t consider myself a pearl-clutching kind of person, but I was honestly horrified at what people felt comfortable wearing around the people who will be serving as job references after graduation. *shudder*

On that note, it was strange not knowing anyone at school anymore. There were a couple people I had seen as freshmen that were now seniors, but no one I really knew. When I walked through the doors of Nicholson, I was half-expecting to see all of my friends and classmates from a couple years ago, not in their current state but frozen in amber, in that time.

It’s like when I visited my high school a couple years ago to have lunch with one of my teachers, and I was surprised to learn that they had paved over the retention pond near the senior lockers to make room for more parking spaces.

Driving away from campus, I couldn’t stop thinking about this pond. I had never had any particular attachment to it, and I’m not sure that I really missed it. But the simple fact that it had been there and now wasn’t was enough to rattle me — this inherent disconnect between memory and reality.

I suppose that’s what people mean when they say it’s “weird to be back.”



I’ve started to diving into the music of Sufjan Stevens, and it’s so dreamy and lovely. Why did I hop on this train so late? I first got into Mystery of Love from Call Me By Your Name, but now I’m going through his Illinois album. If you have any other song recs from him or someone like him, let me know!



My sisters Paige and Brianna and I cooked a Japanese meal from the cookbook I had given Paige for her birthday. We made okonomiyaki (a cabbage pancake) and gyoza (pork dumplings that I have now discovered are dually Japanese and Chinese?).

Making the gyoza was much easier than I thought until THEY STUCK TO THE PAN AND WE HAD TO SCRAPE THEM OFF. We tried cooking them with both metal and nonstick skillets, and the results were the same. What were once dumpings became a salad of pork, cabbage, and fried dough. The flavor was delicious though. I guess that’s what matters.



I went to Women & Children First‘s book launch party for Samantha Irby‘s essay collection Meaty. I had previously read her essay collection We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, and UGH, you guys, she is as hilarious in real life as she in her books. She is truly one of the funniest writers I’ve ever read.

I’ll repeat myself here: She is the best. I love her. Read her books and her blog!



I love love love Queer Eye, so please enjoy these interviews I’ve seen recently:

When Your Dad Is Queer Eye’s Karamo (Slate)

Jonathan Van Ness’ Favorite Things (GQ)

The Fab Five Insta-Stalk Each Other (Elle): Karamo, Tan, Jonathan, Bobby


That’s it for today! Have a great week!


One thought on “Sunday Update #1 | Revisiting College, Sufjan Stevens, Queer Eye

  1. Valerie

    I totally know how you felt at the Senior Salute! I recently spoke at the graduation banquet for the Honors College, and other than my intern, I didn’t know any of the students in the room. My job requires me to spend a lot of time on campus, and now all of the people I know are university employees or the occasional grad student. It’s such a strange transition and a little bittersweet.

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