Sunday Update #4 | Freelance Writing + Faking My Own Death

Happy Sunday! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the temperature has evened out into the low 70s, and I am inside.

A couple months ago I started doing some freelance copywriting/content writing for a marketing agency in Orlando. The gig is great and has really pushed my boundaries in terms of what I feel capable of writing. But unfortunately, I have also learned I’m a horrible procrastinator who’s unable to park her butt in the seat when it’s truly necessary. I’m on the hook for about 8,000 words due tomorrow (but really today, because I work tomorrow).

A story just came out about a Russian journalist who faked his own death to help Ukrainian authorities catch his would-be assassins. Many journalism watchdog organizations have come out to condemn the journalist and Ukraine for taking such extreme measures, and while I can’t speak to its long-term effects on journalism and Ukraine-Russia relations, I just want to say: Isn’t this kind of awesome?! I thought this only happened in movies. Good on them for capturing the bad guys.

Here’s an excerpt from ABC News:

On Thursday Babchenko said that he and Ukraine’s police had simulated every step of that. First, he said a make-up artist arrived at his house and he began practicing falling down.

“It was all real. I made that shirt with bullet holes in it and I laid on the floor. They have poured blood over me, I took some of it in my mouth and let it out,” Babchenko said.

His wife, who Babchenko said had been in on the deception, pretended to then find him dying and called an ambulance. Real paramedics arrived and carried him to the ambulance which drove to the hospital, reporting that Babchenko had died on the way. He said a doctor had then recorded his death and he had been transported to the morgue.

“I was lying there pretending that I was the murder victim, like a dead person. They came to the morgue, they put me on the tray, the doors were closed behind me and then I was resurrected. I turned on the TV. I sat down and watched news of my ‘murder’.”

I’m not saying that I would stage my own grisly death to alleviate the embarrassment of missing a deadline…but I’m also not going to rule it out as a possibility.



Because I didn’t post last Sunday, I now have TWO weeks worth of stories and articles to share. Enjoy!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: I shared my advice on interviewing for jobs as a shy person with The Financial Diet (the byline I alluded to a few weeks ago). I also wrote about my fascination with ABBA on Thursday.

“Sometimes you win the race because everyone else stops running.” An inspiring reminder from Sarah Von Bargen, one of my favorite bloggers.

I loved this Vice story from a corporate restaurant consultant on how menu items are decided for chain restaurants. I never knew how much went into those decisions.

maxresdefault (1)

Have you seen the new trailer for the Christopher Robin movie? I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh growing up, and I will absolutely be there opening day crying into my popcorn.

This Medium essay about cultural appropriation in interior decorating and the ways in which the industry glorifies, erases, and sanitizes designs from other cultures is fascinating.

The employees at Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters are really into feeding feral cats, and this may be contributing to the endangerment of native burrowing owls.

Aly & AJ are back together, and I’m going to their Chicago concert next month! Listen to their new EP “Ten Years” on YouTube.


Photo by Sophie Barbasch

Adored this story on the history of the Ragdoll cat breed and one woman’s quest to genetically engineer the perfect cat, even through hefty legal battles. Give it a read!

I’m trying to become more involved in Chicago’s literary scene, and I found this Poets & Writers article about the best bookstores, literary landmarks, events, and publications very illuminating! I’ve been to a few of these, and I plan on going to Printer’s Row Lit Fest next week.

What’s Nick Jones up to nowadays?



That’s it, folks! Have a relaxing Sunday. I hope you spend the day outside enjoying the sun and not contemplating your own kidnapping and/or murder. So that my social media networks can pick up an image for this post, here’s a photo of me as a zombie 4 years ago. You aren’t allowed any context.


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