I am a writer, marketing professional, and avid reader living in Chicago, IL. I was raised in sunny Orlando, FL, and attended the University of Central Florida. After graduation, I moved to the Windy City to work in marketing. I currently work as a Media Planner at an advertising agency and contribute to Arcturus, a online literary magazine, as a Fiction Editor. If you’d like to see published clips, please visit my main site.

I like…

  • Books that make me think, laugh and/or cry, but preferably all three at once
  • Cats (I grew up with four!)
  • The Arctic Monkeys, which is the best band and you can’t convince me otherwise
  • The movie National Treasure and its sequel National Treasure: Book of Secrets
  • Borrowing too many books from the library
  • NPR (I used to work in public radio!)
  • Following the news, or not, depending on the day
  • Feminism and progressive politics
  • Trivia of all kinds
  • Iced chai tea lattes
  • Walking as primary form of transportation
  • Baking and cooking, particularly Asian cuisine (I’m learning!)
  • New York City, but all cities really
  • You…maybe! Let’s chat below:

Email: taylor@taylorgmoore.co

Portfolio: taylorgmoore.co

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